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Meet our law clerks

Strindberg & Scholnick always attracts a gaggle of talented law clerks. Meet our current batch of legal eagles -- 


David Gutierrez

David knew that he wanted to be a lawyer since the time he won his first jury trial in the 5thgrade.  His twin sister had been accused of the egregious crime of vandalizing her schoolmate’s artwork. (She had removed the pins that held the crayon masterpieces onto the hallway walls.) Never wanting to miss an opportunity to get the upper hand in a sibling rivalry, David zealously volunteered to head up the prosecution team.  She never stood a chance.


Since then, David has attended Dixie State College in St. George Utah, and later (much later) finished his undergraduate degree at Utah Valley University in Orem, Utah.  Without wasting any more time, David applied to various law schools and was ecstatic to have the opportunity to be accepted to his first choice, the University of Utah.


David joined the S.J. Quinney College of Law Class of 2015, and he is currently anticipating his final year of study. During his time at law school David has taken advantage of the plethora of opportunities offered to law students.  David joined the LGBT student organization OUTlaws his first year, and later served on the board of directors.  While on the board, David helped the organization fundraise, host informative panels and Continuing Legal Education events for attorneys related to LGBT issues in the law, and organize a trip for law students to attend 10th Circuit oral arguments in the groundbreaking gay marriage case Kitchen v. Herbert.  David also did clinical work with the Rocky Mountain Innocence Center to represent wrongly incarcerated clients in Utah and Nevada.  


When school did not keep David busy enough, he volunteered at weekly legal clinics where he was able to meet with attorneys and help offer legal advice to people in the community. It was at the Street Law Clinic that David was first introduced to Lauren Scholnick.  He had interviewed a client with an employment issue, and when Lauren asked if David would be willing to help take the case on a pro-bono basis, David earnestly agreed.  Under the masterful supervision of another attorney at Strindberg &Scholnick, KassHarstad, David and another student represented the client in an unemployment appeal and . . . lost.  But David was not about to let his 5thgrade winning streak end so quickly and promptly appealed. The appeal was a success.  


Months later Strindberg & Scholnick asked David to return, but this time as a law clerk during his second year at law school.  And again David enthusiastically agreed.


Since starting law school, David can’t remember the last time he penciled in recreation,but he does vaguely recall enjoying camping, fishing, and white-water rafting.  

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25 June 2014