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Dunja Subašić came to our office all the way from a small medieval city in Bavaria, Germany. She is a first-generation immigrant, whose parents fled Bosnia and Herzegovina during the war, first to Germany, and then to Boise, Idaho, where she’s been ever since. She watched her parents uproot their lives, twice, for the sake of giving their three kids better lives and opportunities, and it has permanently instilled a strong work ethic, a compassion for others, and a constant reminder to be grateful for everything that this life has to offer. Immigrating, assimilating, and succeeding has felt like a long stroke of good luck, and has motivated Dunja to share her great fortune with those less fortunate. And it’s this that led her to work here for this long.

She graduated with a marketing degree from Boise State University, and held various jobs writing for media and tech companies over the years. She accidentally found Strindberg and Scholnick in 2013, and has been with us ever since. She stubbornly denies any desire to go to law school, but the rest of the office has bets on her going. Dunja might be the #1 Golden Girls fan in the west, can tell a mean set of dad-jokes, and will always argue that the original Star Wars trilogy might be the greatest set of films ever made.

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